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Durable diamond tools

About Tech Central

      Tech Central is a family owned and operated business. The Founder comes from a family with years of background in this industry. His father was a mason and had his son working on masonry with him since he was a child. This generational knowledge was only the beginning of his expertise in this line of work.  

     The founder of Tech Central has 30 years of specialized experience under his belt, in the tool sale industry. He began his career path as a salesman selling both cutting and drilling equipment to the construction industry. He then turned to the larger bulk and wholesale tool users. When in 2005, he realized that the repair industry was a great service to add to his expendable diamond blade sales. And in 2007 Tech Central was born.

      Tech Central is now a full service supplier for the Masonry and Concrete industries, with an excellent selection of tools for the Granite Fabrication Industry as well. The diamond blades that are sold here are quality blades needed for this industry. We have an excellent reputation as one of the most prompt and reliable repair shops in all South West Missouri.

     The location of Tech Central is Springfield, Missouri, because it was a hot bed for masonry and a perfect spot to raise children. Our centralized location in the United States which is also key to our company’s success in reaching its clients outside of Missouri, extending its business across all of the United States. We reach out to many clients both small and large. Most notable clients of Tech Central include Old Castle Subsidiaries i.e. APAC and Glen Gary Brick Manufacturing.

     We provide trusted service in the Brick/Block, Concrete, Granite, Metal Cutting, and Tile Industries for your specialty tooling needs, with much of our business in the sales of expendable quality diamond blades. We have pride in that a lot of our products are higher line American made products that provide you with quality results. We added a branch of local service for construction and other repair needs for our local client base as well. In a nutshell, we are the company you can trust to provide you will quality products and service.

Mission Statement

As a family owned company, we are here to provide the Contruction Industry with diamond blades, repairs, and other tooling products that you can trust and profit by consistently. We are the trusted company in this aggressive “salesman” mentality industry that you can find quality products for a fair decent price without question. Our success here comes from 30 years of honest and trusted sales. Our motto is, “We provide warehouse prices without the phone calls”. We service our customers with integrity, reliability, and ease. We have durable blades and equipment, reliable service, and quality knowledge on the products you are looking for!